The Scopes Trial

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The Scopes Trial

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John Scopes

The Scopes Trial

John Scopes was a 24-year-old teacher at a public school in Dayton, Tennesee. He was arrested for teaching evolution to his class. His lawyer was Clarence Darrow, who was an atheist.


March 13, 1925--Tennessee Senate approves a law prohibiting evolution.May 5, 1925--John Scopes is arrested for teaching evolution in a public school.July 10-22, 1925--The official Scopes/Monkey Trial.

The Scopes Trial was called the Monkey Trial because the main focus was evolution vs. creation.

A political cartoon of the 'monkey trial'.

The trial was highly publicized and called 'the trial of the century.'

A newspaper article about the Scopes Trial.

William Jennings Bryan, the prosecuting attorney.

The Scopes Trial was ultimately a trial between creationists and evolutionists. John Scopes was arrested in 1925 for teaching evolution in a public school. The trial lasted 12 days and was held outside because of the heat. At times during the trial, conversation turned to a heated debate about creation and evolution. In the end, Scopes was found guilty and fined $100. This event changed American Society by publicizing scientific evidence for evolution. Evolution reappeared in schoolbooks in the 1960s.

The "Monkey Trial"

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