The Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method


Being Curious Safe Thinking Through a Critical Lens Having an Observational Eye

The scientific method is a method of investigation in which a problem is first identified and observations, experiments, or other relevant data are then used to construct or test hypotheses that aim to solve it. This method is used by scientists. The scientific method is an important procedure to follow in order for scientists to prove observations that they have about the world around them. The learning objective of this lesson is to explain to students the six step process of the scientific method.

Materials Needed by Scientists in Order to Successfully Complete The Scientifc Method



The first step of the scientific method involves making an observation about something that interests you which should take approximately five minutes.

The next stage of the scientific method is known as the hypothesis. The hypothesis is a simple statement that defines what you think the outcome of your experiment will be. The hypothesis is approximately three minutes.





The second to last step in the scientific method is the conclusion. You have two options for your conclusion. Based on your results, either you can reject or not reject the hypothesis. The conclusion should take approximately ten minutes.

The following step after experiment is analysis. Analysis is a summary of the experiment's results, and how those results match up to your hypothesis. Carefullly analyze your results. This step should take approximately thirty minutes.

After the hypothesis you then test it through expermentation. An experiment is a tool that you design to find out if your ideas about your topic are right or wrong. The experiment depending upon its complexity should take approximately thirty to sixty minutes.

Finally, the last step in the scientific method is to share your results with the world. The results are usually published and shared with the scientific community, allowing verification of the findings and allowing others to continue research into other areas. You continuously share your results.


  • Sara91165 7 years ago

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    I really loved this, The pictures and lay out was really well done. I did find the video little confusing. I love This it was really good, and for someone who is not good in science I really loved it. Good Job.

  • cgatto61793 7 years ago

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    Great pictures and break down of the scientific method. Great video as well. - Christina Gatto =]

  • arivera125 7 years ago

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    Very good. Love the visuals! This connects with many different types of learners.

  • peterpinto 7 years ago

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    Lisa this is great! I love how you used a bunch of visuals to convey everything involved in the scientific method. Nonetheless, I do feel like it is a bit too wordy and can be a little overwhelming for some kids. Other than this you did a wonderful job! Hope this helps :)

  • Megan1994 7 years ago

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    Amazing glogster! I love that you used pictures, music, and a video to grab students' attention. It also addresses the three different styles of learning. This is very creative. Great Job! :)
    -Megan Jarrett

  • ElmedinaRadoncic 7 years ago

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    Love this glog! Very informative and the visuals are such a great addition. Also the sound in the background is great too!
    -Elmedina Radoncic

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