The scientific method

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Algebra I

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The scientific method

Be sure to explore this website a little.

dependent variableindependent variablequantitativequalitativetheorylawhypothesiscontrol/constantpurposeconclusion

graphing independent and dependent variables.

Your Mission:Explore this blog (get click happy). Take some notes in your notebook.Next class, on your iPad, use either "inspiration lite" or "inkflow" to create a visual brainstorm that includes each step to the scientific method. Your brainstorm must include the vocabulary list in the stars below. All vocabulary must have a definition. Be creative and have fun!

The Scientific Method

Before your turn in your assignment, have a peer look it over and watch out for typos or wrong information. When using inspiration lite or inkflow, DON'T DELETE or EDIT ANYONE ELSE'S WORK!

A review of the steps to the scientific method

Don't be afraid to explore more on your own.

Before you begin to use inspiration lite or inkflow for your assignment, be sure to explore and play a little!

There is no "wrong" way to do this assignment, but make sure you're fully exploring and explaining the scientific method.

Theory vs. Law

You may either print your assignment out in color or email a pdf to: kcrowley@washoeschools.netQuestions? Email me!

Qualitative vs. quantitative data

Strong Hypothesis statements

More than one type of scientific method?


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