The Scientific Method: In the Amazon Rainforest

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The Scientific Method: In the Amazon Rainforest


Step 4:ExperimentA scienetifc procedure that is set out to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or display a known fact.

In the Amazon Rainforest

Step 3:HypothesisA testable, educated guess on what is going to happen in the future based on your topic.

Step1: Observation The process of using your 5 senses to collect information about what you're studying.

Step 5:ResultsTo come to a conclusion that explains or interprets the data. It is usually not in detail.

Step 7:ReflectionThe proccess of connecting the experiment to your life or something in your life. This process helps you understand the topic more and why it improves man kind.

Step 6:Conclusion A stament that summerizes the results and research of the experiment. It tells whether or not your hypothesis is right. It also answers your research question.

The Scientific MethodA procedure that characterized natural science since the 17th century(the 1600). It includes these seven stages(in order): Observation,Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Results, Conclusion, and Reflection.The scientific method helps modify scientist theorys.

The Scientific Method

About How Ants Move Acoss The Amazon Rainforest During a Flooding!

About the Aquatic Plants in The Amazon Rainforest!

About How The Animals and Plants Survive the Conditions of The Amazon Rainforest.

Step 2:ResearchThe backround information from prior knowledge or a quick research that supports the experiment.

A Documentery on the Animals in The Amazon Rainforest and How So Many Animals Can Pass By One Spot.

Pictures From:The Frog: Snake: Two Birds: Multiple Waterfalls: Forest with the Stream in the Middle: Backround:


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