The Science of Psychology

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The Science of Psychology

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Psychology scienceThe study of brain, mind and behaviour.Critical ThinkingThe systematic evaluation of information in order to come up with conclusions that are reasonable.Gestalt TheoryA theory about different parts of experience.BehaviourismThis is the study of how environmental factors affect an individual’s behaviour.structuralismBreaking down the consciousness to its most basic components introspection The act of examining the consciousness of an individual.

the differences between nature and nurture:Nature is the aspects of human behavior that are inherently born while nurture are the aspects that people develop due to cultural influences.

The Science of Psychlogy

1. Understand mental activity.2. Understanding social interactions.3. Understand the acquisition of behavior.

Gestalt TheoryMax Wertheimer is the founder of the theory StructuralismPioneered by Edward Titcher FunctionalismPioneered by William James.Cognitive psychologyThe school was pioneered by George Miller.

The goals of Psychology


Functionalism and Structuralism


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