The Schwa Was Here

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Language Arts
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The Schwa Was Here


* His face is like ice cream. Page 88- Simile- His face is pretty.* I'm Italin galato. Page 95- Metaphor- He's saying he is better.* Life is like a bad haircut. Page 70- Simile- It's messy at first, then you get used to it.* I'm sweet cream. Page 95- Metaphor- He is sweet like crream.* I waved my hand like I was shewing a fly. Page 9- Simile- He waved his hand fast.

Figurative Language


The lesson that this book teaches you, is that sometimes people are there when you don't think they are. People sometimes feel invisible when others don't notice them. You should try to notice people if they are quite and alone. Make them feel good and be their friend.

The Schwa Was Here

By: Alyssa Conner

Antsy is an ordinary kid who's family barely notices him. He is a good friend and respects his friends. Antsy's best friend is named Calvin or "The Schwa". Calvin went into Mr. Crawley's appartment to snatch a dog bowl, but Mr. Crawley caught him. As soon as Antsy found out, he rushed in and tryed to save the Schwa. So Antsy is respectful, nice, loyal, and a good friend.

Example one:Page 18-19He thought the teacher was going to call on the Schwa when he "waved his hand like a flare".Meaning:The teacher didn't see him or the Schwa is "invisible".Exaple two:Page 49Mr. Crawley can see the Schwa.Meaning:Maybe they are related and seeing the Schwa is genetic.

Contrast & Contradictions

In The Schwa Was Here, Antsy is a kid that has an ordinary life until he met The Schwa. The Schwa is a kid named Calvin that nobody ever notices. Antsy and The Schwa met when Antsy's dad told him to go break Manny. Manny is a manichan. Antsy didn't notice The Schwa at first, until he gave Manny's head back to them. After that Antsy and The Schwa became best friends.



"He's not invisible, he's invisible-ish." ~Antsy

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