The School for Good and Evil

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The School for Good and Evil

ClimaxThe climax is when Agatha and Sophie met outside the bridge and go into the everlasting forest to find a way home. It is an everlasting forest so they got lost and kept on walking for many miles. They had finally walked enough then stopped for a while and decided to try to find a way back to the two schools.

GenreThis book is definitely a fantasy. There are wolves standing on their hind legs that can talk. Next in the bright side there are magical fairies that helped all of the people from the good side get dressed for events.

Genre Fantasy

Character The main character is Agatha. She stuck out to me because she is the true hero. Sophie may seem nice but she wants to be the best no matter what it takes. No matter what it takes! She is making Agatha look evil and telling her she is suppost to be evil but knows she is good. Sophie would lie to someone to be the best Agatha is just bashful and does not stick up for herself. Agatha is skepticl about allowing Sophie her friend in the first place.

The school for good and evil dream cast.

ConflictThe main conflict of the novel is between the headmaster and the girls (Agatha and Sophie) . This is a conflict because they do not agree on which school they were placed. Sophie was placed in the school for evil by the headmaster, she is envious of Agatha's boldness, ability to stand up for what she believes in, and who she believes in. Agatha on the other hand was placed in the school for good. She truly believes that Sophie is the good one and is bashful about her power and ability.

The School for Good and Evil by: Soman Chainani

SettingThe setting for this book is in the middle of the enchanted forest. There is not a specific time frame that the author had mentioned.

Main Character Agatha

You do not get to decide for yourself How how do you think you will do??

Are you good or evil??

Work Cited:Agatha Picture: Cover: Youtube video:;_ylt=AwrB8o9Phh5WlUEAFpEunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTIyc2hxNGdlBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMxMzAwOTkwZGVlYzk3NDU5ZWMwMjdlNWZjYTQzYWYyNwRncG9zAzcEaXQDYmluZw--?.origin=&

Supporting Character Sophie

You do not get to decide if you go into good or evil now how will you place yourself?

This book is so exiting that I was on the edge of my seat when I read it!


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