The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter


The ScArlet Letter

By: Nathaniel Hawthorne




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Use of nature imagery in "The Scarlet Letter"

Nature imagery is used several times throughout TSL to describe characters and places and compare them to nature, especilly Pearl.The story describes pearl as a "lovely and immortal flower" as well as describing her as a red rose on many occasions including in chaapter 13 when Hester and Pearl visit the governors house .When Pearl tells Mr. Wilson her name,e he replies "Pearl? - Ruby, rather - or Coral! - or Red Rose, at the very leat, judging from thy hue!"

"In fact, it is Pearl with whom the parallel community of nature reacts most animatedly and with the most striking intent to communicate. As the child plays alone near the stream, the great forest becomes her playmate: it offers her partridge berries; its wild denizens are not afraid; a pigeon utters 'a sound as much of greeting as alarm'; a squirrel chatters; a fox looks inquisitively; a wolf offers 'his savage head to be patted by her hand'; and the flowers whisper to her to adorn herself with them. 'The truth seems to be, however, that the mother-forest, and these wild things which it nourished, all recognized a kindred wildness in the human child'" Daniel, Janice B. "`Apples Of The Thoughts And Fancies': Nature As Narrator In The Scarlet Letter." Atq 7.4 (1993): 307. Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. 28 Sept. 2014.

Pearl is often compared to red roses in this story because it reflects back to the first chapter when Hawthorne was describing the prison door and how is was dark and gloomy and unsightly plants were growing all around iit but amidst all the ugliness, there was one beautiful rose bush growing. Pearl is like that one beautiful rose bush in Hester's life. She was the one beautiful and unique thing that came out of her sin and guilt and the disgrace that waas placed on her. Pearl gave Hester a glimmer of hope.

"So the child flew away like a bird, and, making bare her small white feet went pattering along the moist margin of the sea."

This quote from chapter 14 describes a time when Pearl was compared to a bird. This comparison was a frequent occurence because being compared to birds represents Pearl's childish tendencies and how wild and free she is that she can just float through life like a bird despite all of the hardships she and her mother must endure.

Loyal: characterized by or showing faithfulness

Dauntless: fearless

Guilty: having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong

Tortured: extreme anguish of body or mind; agony.


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