The Scarlet Letter 1

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The Scarlet Letter 1

Hester Prynne commits a sin in a community full of faithful people. The punishment should be death, but she has been given the punishment of wearing a scarlet letter on her chest instead. She will tell no one who she has committed this crime with, not even her husband. Her husband shows up after years of being considered missing at sea. He is bent on revenge for whoever the man is. Roger, Hester’s husband, busies himself by taking care of the minister of the town who has a heart condition. The minister fails to tell Roger that he is the man who has committed the sin with Hester. He is dying from guilt, but he is too afraid to tell the community. Meanwhile, Hester is raising a child in her banishment. The child, Pearl, is very unique for a child her age by her abilities to talk, dance, and process ideas. After some time, Hester and Arthur decide to flee the community with Pearl so that they might live as a family. Roger learns of this plan and puts a stop to it, making Arthur admit to his sin. Soon after, Arthur falls over dead. Hester and Pearl end up leaving and Roger ends up dying from revenge. Pearl marries and never returns, but Hester returns bearing the scarlet letter. She lives in the community until she dies and is buried with Arthur under a single scarlet letter.


Hester Prynne - The woman who committed the crime of adultery with the minister Arthur while her husband Roger was away. She is the mother of Pearl who is banished along with herself.Pearl - The daughter of Hester and Arthur. She is banished with her mother. She eventually flees to a different country where she marries and never returns.Arthur Dimmesdale - The minister in the community who commits the sin with Hester Prynne. He is the father of Pearl and is afraid to tell the community of his sin. He has a heart condition and is cared for by Roger, Hester’s wife.Roger Chillingworth - The husband of Hester Prynne who comes to the community after considered to be missing. He finds out about her sin and falls into taking care of Arthur who has a heart condition. He wants Hester to tell him who she committed the sin with so that he can get revenge.

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About the Author

The Scarlet LetterNathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1803 in Salem, Massachusetts. He is known for his ability to write short stories. His first novel written in 1828 is titled Fanshawe. His writing style is known as Dark Romantic. His best known novel is The Scarlet Letter. Many of his pieces are inspired by Puritan lifestyles. He incorporates man’s natural instinct to sin in his literary pieces.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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