The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Dimmesdaleby MorganIn brightest night and darkest day,Devil's advocate and holiest man-Comes out to stand; his intentions strum a chord in the night.Even the deepest guilt cannot override pride inside; to findone's real intentionyou must look up farther than the highest cross hungComet blazing reveals his adultery but only four eyes fathom this corruption-Poor bastard child, with the devil's precious seedand himself

by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Who is Dimmesdale?

Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale Attractive and youthful Good man. He realizes that "inward trouble drove him to practices more in accordance with the old, corrupted faith of Rome than with the better light of the church in which he had been born and bred " (p.111)Man of Hypocrisy who preaches of sin but can't fix his own. The Narrarator tells us that "The minister well knew...the light in which his vague confession would be viewed" (p.110).

Baby theft in the Vatican

One of the holiest places full of nuns, priests, and all holy people of the sort has been known to steal. That breaks one of the tenth commandments that they so heavily preach. The theft, however, is not of materialistic items- it's of spanish children. Over 300,00 spanish children have been stolen from their parents in the Vatican. Thou shall not steal, right?


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