The Scarlet Letter

by kendallmissaggia
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The Scarlet Letter

Charlie SheenWhen Charlie Sheen was accused of drug abuse and fired from Two and a Half men, he acted a lot like Hester when she was shunned for committing adultery. Hester decorated her "A" with beautiful embroidery; similarly, Charlie Sheen created a new show and promoted it by almost flaunting his mistakes. Charlie Sheen and Hester Prynne both used their talents to continue on and be a part of their society, Charlie still acts, and Hester created the most beautiful needle work.

Charlie Sheen

Hester Prynne

The Scarlet Letter

Kendall Missaggia


Caracterized by a certian state and dignity..." (50)

Charlie Sheen twisted his drug addiction into a sarcastic promotion of his new show. He did not show any guilt or shame if he was feeling any. This is like how Hester stayed strong while she stood on the scaffold and as the towns people isolated her.

When Hester is first released from jail she remains strong and keeps her dignity, even if she is worried and guilty inside.



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