The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet LetterBy: Nathaniel Hawthorne

About the Story Title: The Scarlet Letter; written by: Nathaniel HawthroneSetting: Mid 1700's Boston, MAMain Character: Hester PrynneThemes: Sin, experience, nature of Evil, identity, and societySymbols: The Scarlet Letter, town scaffold, Pearl, and the rose bush

Plot Overview

1.) Main character Hester Prynne is accused of adultery and is sentenced to wear the Scarlet Letter 'A' on her chest.

2.) Hester is released from prison and her husband Rodger Chillingworth shows up to colony.

3.) The governor threatens to take Pearl away from Hester. Here the relationship between Dimmesdale & Hester is revealed.

4.) Chillingworth finds that the father of Hester's child, Pearl, is the reverend Dimmesdale.

5.) Hester rips off her letter in the woods with Dimmesdale. Then decides to leave with Pearl and Dimmesdale to Europe.

6.) After a long time of internal decay, Dimmesdale gives his sermon and confesses to the townspeople on the scafold, by revealing his own Scarlet Letter.

7.) Dimmesdale dies after confession. Chillingworth leaves all his wealth to Pearl and Hester returns to die in the colony and is buried underneath a tombstone next to Dimmesdale, enscripted with the Scarlet Letter.


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