The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter

By: Nathaniel Hawthorne

PlotThe main character Hester comes to the Puritan Colony by herself thinking her husband will accompany her in due time. While she is waiting she commits adultery with someone and becomes pregnet. As a punishment she must go to jail and now wear a scarlet letter on her breast. Reading the book will answer the questions likewhat happened to her husband?who she committed adultery with?what her soon to be born daughter is like?about the way the towns people treat her?

CharacterHester Prynne is the main character of the novel who wears the scarlet letter "A" on her breast standing for adulterer. Through the book Hester is strong willed and passionate as she endures the suffering and punishment from the letter.Pearl is the daughter of Hester. She is referred to as a devil child who is smarter than most children her age always asking any question that come to mind.Reverened Arthur Dimmesdale is a scholar from England that is now the reverend on this puritan settlement. He is the father of Pearl and the lover of Hester.Roger Chillingworth is the husband of Hester who has been missing for years because he was captured by the Native Americans. When he finally gets back he finds out of his wife's adultery and wants revenge.

ThemeEach of the main characters in the novel committed some sort of sin. Dimmesdale being apart of the adultery that Hester committed to her husband Chillingworth. Chillingworth coming back and lying about his identity and abandoning his whole family. Mistress Hibbins practicing witch craft. In the Puritan church there was judgement with every sin you committed. The reader learns the suffering and pain from all the judgement from other peope each character goes through as well as dealing with the self guilt.

SymbolsThe symbols in the book included the scarlet letter, Pearl and the rose bush.An important symbol in this book has always shown up being the Scarlet Letter. In the beginning of the book the reader sees that it stands for Adultery but the meaning of it changes as the novel goes on to mean Able. The "A" in its entirety is now a symbol of the identity of Hester once the one who committed adultery but soon becomes the "able" person in the town always there to help.Pearl was a symbol of the living letter. She was the outcome of the adultery and therefore the reminder of what happened. Everyday Hester had to encounter the fact that she had committed the crime of adultery when she dealt with Pearl and all her problems.The rose bush which appeared outside the prison door symbolized hope for those who entered the prison. It was something so beautiful next to such a horrible place. As the prisoners entered the prison door they saw the rose bush and a gleam of hope in all the bad things that are happening.

SettingThe story takes place during the 17th century in Boston, Massachusets Puritan Colony

The Scarlet Letter

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