The Scarlet Ibis

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The Scarlet Ibis

"The Scarlet Ibis"by James Hurst

Plot ChartExposition : Doodle was born when Brother was six, and was very sickly. Their parents had built him a coffin, because they expected him to die quickly. However, Doodle was deemed “all there” by Brother when he looked up and smiled.Rising Action : Brother brought Doodle around in a go-cart, but then he began to teach Doodle how to walk because Brother was ashamed of having a brother who couldn’t. When Doodle was finally able to walk, Brother and Doodle showed the family, and they all celebrated. However, Brother felt bad because he knew that the only reason he tried to help was because he was embarrassed of Doodle. A hurricane came and destroyed the family’s cotton field, but Brother and Doodle knew everything would be alright. Brother and Doodle set a goal to try to teach Doodle to not only walk easier, but to run, swim, climb, and fight before school started. A scarlet ibis was stuck in the tree, and fell to its death. Doodle buried it, and soon after, his health began to deteriorate. Climax : Doodle was unable to swim because he wasn’t feeling well, and Brother was upset. When the storm came, Brother ran far ahead, leaving Doodle behind.Falling Action : Brother returns for Doodle, and finds him curled up on the ground.Resolution : Doodle dies, and Brother mourns him.

Characterization: Doodle:Doodle is a dynamic character, through his physical traits. In the beginning, he was very weak, and unable to walk or even stand. But as the story progressed, Doodle learned how to stand and walk. Doodle is one of the main characters, and he is imaginative and crazy.

Characterization: Brother:Brother is a dynamic character. In the beginning, he was too overun by his pride to stop pushing Doodle, but at the end, he realized how dangerous pride can be. Brother is one of the main characters, and he is selfish and pride-driven.

Hyperbole: While the family was celebrating Doodle’s ability to walk, Aunt Nicey and Brother were dancing.During their dance, Aunt Nicey accidentallystomped on Brother's toe, “hurting me (Brother)so badly I thought I was crippled for life.”

Character vs. Self:Doodle fought against his own disabilities to try to stand, run, walk, and other basic things that he would be able to do if he weren’t invalid.Character vs. Nature:Doodle vs. the swamp, the the cold, and the elements when left alone.Character vs. Character:Brother continuously pushed Doodle past his limits, resulting in Doodle's death.

Symbolism:In the story “The Scarlet Ibis,” the ibis itself was a symbol for Doodle. The ibis was weakened and out of place, and died due to its own disabilities, and Doodle was the exact same way. Both died covered in red, and both had somebody to mourn for them.


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