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The summaryOne day in the swedish cottage a woman knocked on the door one day on the cottage. The lady asked the old lady for a frying pan and she lented her one because she doesnt use it too much anyways. Couple days later the lady came back with the frying pan and said she could grant her 3 wishes of her choice. The first wish the lady asked for a sausage that is very big sooner or later a big fat sausage plopped on her dinner table and she was over excited. When she told her husband when he was done chopping up wood he was very upset with her. He said that was a waste of a wish and then he wished for the sausage to be on her nose! The lady was very depressed and sad and demanded for the husband to change back. The husband could wish for anything like a big house lots of money and even a tv! In the end he wished her nose to be back to normal. So the moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for and dnt be a follish and greedy person all the time.

The sausage nose a swedish story

Project by Kevin Auduong

Story actaully is swedish for the sausage and the place it is located

click on me for the awesome site to the story!

The sausage orginated from sweden

click to go to google because google is fun

LessonThe lesson of this story uis to not waste your choices on bad and greedy decisions

The swedish meatball is another dish made from sweden too!

This is a video of the main story of the sausage from youtube

learn how to make sswedish sausages here!

The map of Sweden


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