The Sandlot Poster- Intro to Business

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The Sandlot Poster- Intro to Business

Goals:-By the end of the first six months of business, The Sandlot will gain at least 30 individual customers and 10 team customers- By the end of year three, The Sandlot will build two outdoor baseball fields and two outdoor softball fields. - By the end of year five, The Sandlot will Gain and maintain an 80% positive customer feedback

Core ValuesThe Sandlot will treat both employees and customers/students with respect, compassion, and with good service. The student’s goals and ideas will always be put first and we will provide them with the best instruction and service possible. Mission StatementThe Sandlot’s mission is to provide the best and most effective instruction for students and provide an appropriate practice environment for all of our customers while keeping their interests in mind.

The Sandlot is an LLC

The Sandlot Poster

Prices of Product:Batting Cages: 30 min- $15.00One Hour- $25.00Indoor field: One Hour- $50.00Outdoor Field:One Hour- $50.00

Natural Resources:Dirt and Grass needed to complete fieldsHuman Resouces: maintence crew, trainers, instructors, and coachesCapital Resources: Indoor Faciltiy, Fields, machines used to maintain facility and fields

Enviromental Protection: eco-friendly lights and turfWorkplace diversity:diverse work environment with people from differnt religious and ethnic groupsJob Safety: Nets to keep balls in a closed area, helmets providedEmployee Wellness: free gym membership, on-site showers


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