The Samurai (660 B.C-1976 A.D)

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The Samurai (660 B.C-1976 A.D)

The samurai sword has the most important weapon for the samurais. The samurais have used the samurai sword from 1300 to 1877. The history of the samurai sword is split up into 4 periods of time called the koto, shinto/shinshinto, gendai, shinshako.

The Samurai (660 B.C- 1876 A.D

The chinease used samurai's from 660 B.C to 1876 A.D. The samurai's had a number of weapons including a Katana, Tanto, Wakizashi, Kama. Samurais also carried around a fan. And of course they wore samurai armour.


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