The Samoyed

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The Samoyed

I give this book five stars because I am a dog lover, I learned alot about Samoyeds, and now that I know so much about them I want to get one! These cute and fluffy dogs are perfect for me!!! I also recomend this book for dog lovers. If you're a dog lover this series is perfect for you!

Author: Charlotte Wilcox

Title:The Samoyed

SummaryIf you want a loyal, kind, active, fluffy dog, than the samoyed is perfect for you!(warning: you may need to groom every day and it takes a little hardcore training to fully train your Samoyed)

by: Isabel C.

Theme Samoyeds are fluffy medium sized dogs that can live almost anywhere and they are also cuddly puff balls which is why I love them so much. In the book many people comment about how all the hard training is worth the loving puffballs. That is my theme for this book.

Samoyeds can pull sleds with both strength and speed. (alliteration) pg.33

My favorite quote! "Samoyeds are friendly dogs." pg.13

Samoyeds have thick ,fluffy hair. Samoyeds that live in the cold, snowy climates roll and play in the snow. But these dogs once needed their hair to survive in a terribly cold land.

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