The Sacraments

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The Sacraments

ConfirmationDefinition- When one's baptismal gifts are deepened and perfectedSymbol- ChrismWhy Catholics seek it- Marks them as God's special posessions, renewal of baptismPersonal info- Why I wish to recieve it- I can grow more in the Kingdom Of GodHow I will prepare- reconciliation, prayer

Penance and ReconciliationDefintion of Penance-Something that makes up for sins you have caused.Definition of Reconciliation- The sacrament in which one's sins are forgiven.Why we practice it- To have our sins forgiven.The 4 Elements- Contrition, confession, penance, and absolutionPersonal info- Church- St. GabrielsPriest- Fr. FrankHow I felt before- nervous, scaredHow I felt after-Relieved

BaptismDefinition- When a Christian is forgiven of original sin and inducted into the Church.Symbol- Water, as this is the main anointing fluidWhat's needed- Holy oil, holy water, white robePersonal experience- Name of church- St. GabrielsName of priest- Fr. FrankGodparents- Johrn and Nancy Starkey. They had always been close with my mom.How I celebrated- Cake, relatives visited, party

The Sacraments

Anointing of the SickDefinition- A gathering to pray for a sick personPurpose- to heal and stregnthen a sick personHow it is done- Sick person sprinkled with holy water, participates in a penetitial rite, and is blessedPersonal questionsI believe that love and concern can heal a sick person.Feelings toward sickness- Care for the sick, respect them, sickness is natural

EucharistDefinition- When the body and blood of Jesus ChristSymbol- BreadHow it's celebrated- By offering ourselves up to God and blessing the bread and winePersonal Info- Church- St. GabrielsPriest-Fr. FrankHow I prepared- Reconciliation, "classes"How I celebrated- Invited relatives, big party, feast

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MatrimonyDefinition- When two people are joined together by GodThe Covenants- Seal a relationship and promise to be together foreverPersonal QuestionsGood marriage model- My grandparents, because they have been together for a long timeWhen and where- 1962 in NJGood future role models- Always support eachother and look out for eachother.

Holy OrdersDescription- A bishop lays his hands on a future priest, signifying his priesthoodRoles of...Priest- To teach and preach the GospelNun- To bring Jesus to the worldDeacon- To help out and assist the priestPersonal QuestionsQualities in religous ministersDevout, faithful, kind, helping, compassionateI think that a priest or nun spends his or her day by going to worship in the morning, a service project in the afternoon, and goes out to dinner at night.Best Part- Become closer to God and earn respectWorst Part- No marriage, less free time on weekends


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