The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution

The Czar's power diminished in stages until he was left powerless

Because of its instability, there were 4 separate Dumas from 1906-1913

As result of strikes and riots in his country, Czar Nicholas II created the Duma, a law making body, to advise him. But after an attempted uprising, the Czar takes away most of the Dumas power.

The economy in Russia was not strong. There was not enough food, and most Russians were not pleased with the Czar.

The Russian Revolution









In October 1905, the Soviet (council) of Worker's Deputies was created

After the Czar replaces officials with those of his choice, nobles assassinate Grigori Rasputin, his adviser.

The February RevolutionIn March 1917 (February in the old Russian calendar), the people of Russia revolt. The Duma defies the Czar and sets up a provisional government, after which he steps down. Workers and soldiers fail to gain power in the capitol, Petrograd.

THE OCTOBER REVOLUTIONIn August 1917, General Lavr Kornilov tries to destroy the increasing power of the soviets that are fighting for control, but fails. Workers and soldiers finally take over the Winter Palace. Immediately, Lenin takes over from the provisional government and takes Russia out of WWI. His government makes Moscow the capital and seizes control over the economy.

THINK ABOUT IT!People suffered greatly under Lenin's successor, Joseph Stalin

1918-1920 Civil war betwen Communists and non-Communists over control of Russia. Communists win and establish communist rule in nieghboring countries.Formation of the U.S.S.R.

Did You Know?The U.S.S.R. will last until 1991, and its members will become independent countries

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