The Runaway Scrape

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Social Studies

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The Runaway Scrape

A meeting was held at this tree on March 14, 1836 about who survived the attack on The Alamo, and like William B. Travis, who had not continued living after March 6, 1836. They also disscussed what Texas' next move was, and Sam Houston decided to flee.

By: Adam Faulk and Heather Hannan

The Story of the Runaway Scrape

Important people are Sam Houston and Santa Anna. This battle took place all across Texas because of everyone fleeing in different directions. The battle is significant because it is the first battle after the Alamo. There was actually no real battle in the Runaway Scrape, just a few hundred terrified people running from a dictator who will most likely execute them. The Runaway Scrape started on January 14, 1836, when everyone left their homes, creating deserted towns. Then, after they learned about San Jacinto the citizens began to return to Texas, finding their property destroyed.

The Runaway Scrape happened when General Sam Houston found out about the fall of the Alamo. He decided to retreat, taking all of the civilians with him. By March 17, Washington-on-the-Brazos was deserted. Soon after, Richmond was evacuated, and citizens fled Texas. Texas itself was nearly empty until news about San Jacinto got around, sending everyone back to their former homes(if they are still remaining).

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was the dictator of Mexico and the attacker of Texas.

The Battle Itself



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