The Rubberband Experiment

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The Rubberband Experiment

The Rubberband Experiment

Mallory Cribbs

Procedures:1. Roll out the roll of paper in a spacious area as far as you deem necessary. (In my case, I rolled it out the length of a hallway in my house.)2. Using the ruler, draw a Start line straight across the paper. This is where the rubberband will be launched each time.3. Next, using the ruler, make a scale on the right hand side of the paper for zero inches, one inch, two inches, three inches, and four inches. This scale will be used to indicate how far the rubberband was pulled back. 4. After the paper has been labeled with a Start line and scale, begin the experiment by launching a rubberband that has not been pulled back at all. Mark where it lands with an X and the number of inches it was pulled back. For example: X0, X1, X2, etc. Repeat this step four more times, pulling the rubberband back one inch, two inches, three inches, and four inches.5. After the rubberband has been launched five times (successfully), the yard stick should be used to measure the distance between the Start line and each X. These distances should be recorded in the table provided.

Question:Does the distance a rubberband is stretched affect how far it will fly when released?

Hypothesis:If I pull the rubberband back further, then it will travel a longer distance.

Materials:Roll of paper, yardstick, markers, ruler, rubberband, data table.

Control Variable:Line where rubberband is launched.Constant:Rubberband

Background: This experiment directly correlates with the Scientific study of physics, which can also be tied to the elementary curriculum.

Rationale: I wanted to conduct this experiment in order to find out if the distance a rubberband is pulled back affects how far it travels. This is something that I have always been curious about.

Independent Variable:Distance a rubberband is pulled back.Dependent Variable:Distance a rubberband travels.

Findings:From my data, I was able to conclude that the further a rubberband is pulled back, the farther it travels. After reading the article SnappyScience, I was able to gain a better understandingas to why this is. According to the article, when a rubberband is pulled back, elastic potential energyis created. However, when the rubberband is re-leased, this potential energy turns into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is "motion" energy.Therefore, the more potential energy that is storedwhen the rubberband is pulled back, the more kinetic energy is supplied when the rubberband is released, allowing it to travel farther.

Buddies, Science. (2012).Snappy Science: Streched Rubber Bands Are Loaded With Potential Energy!.Scientific American.


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