The Royal Society

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Inventors and Inventions

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The Royal Society

The Royal Society

who is he?Issac Newton is a mathematician and physicist. He was born at christmas, 1643 in woolsthrpe, a hamlet near Gratham in Lincolnshire. And died at 1727, March 20. In Kensington. While he was alive the English civil war (1603~1714)was happening.source :

Who are them?the royal society are a brotherhood of wise people with high intellect

This was the place were all the knowledge and the media neccesary were to discover and improve science and arts

They wanted to create a cristianmoral straight for the uncivilizedpeople.

They believed that the creation of machines could be used for everything.

Sir Issac Newton kept the royal london society for 20 years and he converted it a poweful investigating center.their motto was "Dont believe what they tell you see it with your own eyes"

They believed that everything that cant be seen or measurable is irreal

Francis Bacon another imporatnt scientis of the Royal society


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