The Royal Colony of Georgia

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The Royal Colony of Georgia

Type of GovernmentGeorgia was known as a royal colony because it was periodically governed by the trustees. the first royal governer was John Reynolds, then Henry Ellis, and finally James Wright. The Colony of Georgia was governed by royal colonists, who were representatives of King George the 2nd.Differences in regulations from the Trustees and Royal Colony:1. Slaves not allowed/ Slaves allowed2. Ruled by trustees/ Ruled by advisors of King George 11.

Royal Governors and Their ImpactThere were 3 royal governors of Georgia.John Reynolds - He was Georgia's first royal governor. John was a former naval officer. But, John was stern and tried to rule Georgia like a captain rules his ship. Henry Ellis - He was Georgia's second royal governor. He was a former explorer and was very popular among the colonists and was concerned about Georgia. However, he was very old and sick, and had to resign. James Wright - He was Georgia's third royal governor. He was arguably the most popular and most succesful out of all three governors. With his ruling, Georgia prospered and grew faster than any other colony at the time.

Land OwnershipThe Royal Governors let most of the colonists own land in the colony. However, not everyone was allowed to own land. Black people, women, and unweathly people were not allowed to own land. Therefore, only weathly, white men were allowed to own land.

SlaveryAt first, the Trustee colony of Georgia opposed slavery. Then, in the royal times, the governors told the colonists that they could now own slaves. Afterwards, Georgia then became one of the biggest slave colonies.


The Royal Colony of GeorgiaBy: Zach and Patrick



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