The Royal Colony of Georgia

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The Royal Colony of Georgia

Time Frame

The Royal Colony of Georgia

Governers and their impactsGoverners and their impacts

John Reynolds was the first royal Governer of Georgia. He was originally from England and was well respected. However he was a naval officer and was not properly educated with the skills and knowledge to create a model government for Georgia. Henry Ellis was named the second founder of Georgia. He was a much better choice than Reynaolds, because he had the knowledge and skills. Henry made it clear that there was a need for a budget and finance etc.(self-govern). James Wright was poloiticaly educated and helped Georgia gain more land from the Indians.

Royal Governers

Before the Royal colony they didn't let women own or inherit land. Roman Catholicism and Judaism were not allowed. There was no drinking or gambling. Lawyers were not allowed in the colony because they believed that the colonists needed to settle problems on their own. The land given to the settlers could not be bought or sold. There was also no slavery.These rules changed when the Trustee period ended and the Royal Colony took place. Women could own land etc.

Changes in rules from Trustee

Slavery was originaly banned by the trustee's, but as time went on the colonists wasn't very pleased with the way their government was ruled. Soon they lifted the ban of no slavery and the wealthy bought slaves. The slaves had no rights and were not paid for their hard labor. However Georgia's Royal Colony flourished with wealth until 1776.


In this time period women were not allowed to own their own land or inherit. The land was also not to be bought or sold.

Land ownership

The Royal Governers James WrightHenry Ellis John Reynolds

Slavery; 1733-1776John renolds;1754-1757Henry Ellis;1757-1760James Wright;1760-1776Land ownership;1775-1783



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