The Royal Colony of Georgia

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The Royal Colony of Georgia

The Royal Colony of Georgia

John Reynolds(1754-1757)-Georgia's first Royal governer-Held most importat office in new governent-tried to rule Georgia as a captain would a shipHenry Ellis(1757-1760)-Georgia's second Royal governer-Very popular with colonists- He was a scientistJames Wright(1760-1776,1779-1782)-Georgia's third Royal governer-He was humble to the colonists and served them well for almost two decades

Georgia's colony was governed by royal colonists. King George II told them what to do. Only white males owning at least 50 acres of land could vote in assembly elections.

Slavery was wanted by many colonists because the colony was having crop failures and discontent made it difficult for them. In 1755, Georgia's 1st slave code was enacted. Henry Ellis tried to abolish slavery but instead it countined to have a great effect on Georgia's political and aricultural structure.

-Women could now inherit land-Colonists could now buy and sell land.-You would start seeing large plantations

-Slavery was allowed-Women could inherit land-People could buy and sell land-Alcohol was allowed

Cashin, Edward J. "Royal Georgia, 1752-1776." New Georgia Encyclopedia. 02 September 2015. Web. 16 September 2015.

Royal Governers



Land Ownership

Changed Rules


Henry Ellis

John Reynolds

James Wright

This shows the slavery in Georgia and how the colonists thought there was too much work to be done without slaves.


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