The Royal Colony of Georgia

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The Royal Colony of Georgia

John Reynolds (1754-1756) He was the 1st Royal Governor of the colony of Georgia. He set up a court system called the Court of Conscience. Many thought Reynolds was ineffective and he was recalled. Henry Ellis (1757-1760) Ellis was the 2nd Royal governor of the colony of Georgia. He helped to establish a sound foundation for the government during his term. He also taught Georgians how to govern theselves. Ellis was a scientist and loved by the people.James Wright (1760-1782) Wright was the 3rd and last royal governor of Georgia. He was popular, effective in governing, and helped Georgia have a remarkable period of growth during his term. Wright served the longest of any Royal Governor.


Royal Colony of Georgia* last American colony established *founded 50 years after the other colonies*King George II granted a charter for Georgia to become a royal colony after 21 years*this is the period between the end of the Trustee period and the colony's declaration of independence during the American Revolution

The Royal Colony of Georgia1752-1776


King George II of England sent the British to conquer new land (Georgia)


The Royal Governors allowed for the colonists to own the land. Only wealthy, white men could own land (which was normal back then because only they were considered "settlers"). Black's and women weren't allowed to own land, but widowed white women and daughters of deceased men could inherit the land.

Land Ownership

Royal Governors

Changes in Rules from Trustee Colony to Royal Colony*Slavery was allowed now *Widowed white women and daughters of deceased men were allowed to inherit land

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Slaves were originally prohibited because James Oglethorpe and the trustees wanted to settlers of the colony to work for themselves. In 1751, the House of Commons permited slavery because of all the settlers demands. They belived that allowing slavery would increase production. Over the years Georgia became like South Carolina and gained many slaves to work in rice fields. Slavery became one of the main reasons for the American Revolution.

White males with more than 500 acres of land were given the oportunity to participate in governing. They could be elected and pass laws, but their voices were muted by the fact that the Royal Governor and King could veto any laws. The governors and representatives were led by the King's orders.



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