The Royal Colony of Georgia

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The Royal Colony of Georgia

Royal Colony of Georgia1752-1776

SlaveryThe Charter of 1732 prohibited slavery. A slave is a person who is considered property and is forced to work for their owner. This was one of the main laws of the Charter that the trustees enforced during Georgia's time as a royal colony.Slaves increased from 1750 to 1775,now having 18,000 in 1775. Slaves grew indigo,corn,peas,wheat,rye and tobacco.They were very successful in growing these crops.

Government- James Oglethorpe and twenty other trustees settled Georgia as the 13th colony.- A trustee colony is led by a trustee who creates regulations and rules.- In 1752, John Reynolds sailed from England to become Georgia's first royal governor. This was the most important office in Georgia's new government. - The people were happy when Henry Ellis replaced Reynolds, but Ellis was not happy serving.- James Wright was the third and final royal governor. He served the people well for almost two decades.

Royal governors

Land OwnershipKing George II (England) granted the Charter of 1732 to James Oglethorpe. It outlined who would govern the colony, where the colony would be located, and what would be allowed.Important because:- Only white males, owning at least 50 acres of land, could vote in assembly elections. - Women could not inherit land- Selling land is prohibited.

Henry Ellis

Impact of Royal Governors- James Wright, John Reynolds, and Henry Ellis were the three royal governors of Georgia. -A royal governor is the title of the person who controlled the royal colonies. -John Reynolds was the first governor who was inaffective,James Wright helped to build a steady goverment,and Henry Ellis took Wrights place but was not helpful in office.

James Wright

John Reynolds

Change In Rules From Trustee- No slavery- No alcohol- No gambling- No lawyersLand Restrictions: - Women can not inherit land- Selling land is prohibited


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