[2015] Christian Ruiz: The Rough Riders

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[2015] Christian Ruiz: The Rough Riders

The Rough Rider Perspective

Theodore Roosevelt


The Rough Riders

The Rough Riders as a whole viewed Imperialism as an opportunity, and as a chance to extend American power and influnence. They viewed this war as a chance to gain somthing for themselves as well as for America.

Theodore "Teddy" Rossevelt was an effective and stratigic leader who did things normal genreals wouldn't, but it was this type of leadership that gained the U.S its victory over Spain.

The Rough Riders where a diverse group of brave men who were from the southwest such as New Mexico. These men were well trained on horseback and were good marksmen.

Weapons and Skills

This Video of Deadliest Warrior shows Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Rider's Skill

The Charge up San Juan Hill


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