The Romantic Period

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The Romantic Period


Historical Happenings:•French Revolution-Tennis Court Oath: French citizens stood in opposition to Louis XVI and National Assembly -Storming of the Bastille: 1789 represented fall of authority in Paris-“The Declaration of the Rights of Man”: fundamental document in France defining the individual and collective rights of all men.-The Revolution had wonderful potential but became violent and had a series of horrific events-The French citizens were in and out of radical movements, finding no side which suited the needs of the citizens and no group without ulterior motives.•In England-Experiencing industrial revolution-Movement from rural to urban societies-Separation of Capitol and Labor: Rich and Poor: Educated and Uneducated-Fearful of war after the end of war in 1815-Unemployment epidemic

Vincenzo Bellini

-Attempted to increase emotional expression and power•Was searching for deeper truths•Extended formal structures•Emphasized lyrical, songlike melodies•Expansion of the orchestra•Many compositions based on events occurring historically as well as nature itself.oFor example: oLiszt's Faust Symphony, Dante Symphony,

Poets to notice:•Samuel Taylor Coleridge•John Keats•Lord Byron•Percy Shelley•William Wordsworth


•“Spirit of the Age”: a time for new beginning and limitless possibilities•Poetry was seen as a spontaneous overflow of emotions and feelings. •Imagination: Romantics defined imagination as our ultimate shaping or creative powerbecause of the freedom of their imagination •First person lyric poems became a major literary art form. •Because women writers during this time were seen as creatures of feeling rather than intellect they wrote about their own experiences.

The Romantic Period

Ludwig van Beethoven

William Wordsworth

•Validated strong emotions (terror, horror, awe), especially when emotions were caused by nature.•Sought the sublime through nature or events not created by man.•Revived art forms that were considered “medieval” to embrace exotic and unfamiliar

Romantic Art

Romantic Music:


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    I really enjoyed the information and format What about gving the students a task to undertake where they create a simlar style glog for another Romantic poet OR a task on themes it really is lovely. Thank you for shaing.