The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire

The AeneidAfter the destruction of Troy, Aeneas, the Trojan prince, leads a small band of survivors in search of a new home in Italy. Unforuanly they get spotted by Juno who hates them because of an old grudge and because they become the Romans who will destroy her favorite city, Carthage. So she teams up with a god of the winds to create a storm forcing the trojans to take refuge on Carthage. Luckily, Aeneas has connection. In fact his mother Venus is the godess of connections and intro duces him to the recently widowed queen Dido of Cartharge. Venus gets Amor the personifacation of love to make Dido fall madly in love with Aeneas. That night at a banquet in his honor, Aeneas tells Dido his story and how he left after Troy was capured and... Aeneas and the Trojans end up wintering in Carthage and he and Dido become a item. Jupiter is worried that Aeneas is abondoning his destiny and sends Mercury to tell him to get moving and Aeneas does as he is told and Dido kills herself. A storm forces them to land in Sicily- the exact place they buried Aeneas's father a year before. While the Trojans hold atheletic contest Aeneas asks the Trojan women to set fire to the boats. Relizing not everyone wants to go to Italy he sails on to Italy with his A-team. They stop at Cumae and he meets a profestess who takes him to the underworld. He then sails to Latium. The king there recieves an oracle to have his daughter marry a foreign prince. The queen wants her Daughter marry Turnus, a local prince. Juno see a oppurtunity and sends down a fury... a war is started between the Trojans and Italians. There is a great wa and in the end turnus beggs for mercy. Aeneas consider it but then sees he's whering a belt he stole from a friend of his, now knowing that Turnus killed Pallos he takes his sword and kills Turnus thus winning the hand of the Princess and fulfilling his destiny to found Rome.

The Decline of RomeThe weak government, social problems, and declininb economy causes the reform to fail and governent to divide into the Eastern Roman Empire, or the Byzantine Empire and the Western Roman Empire Which falls due to numerous attaacks by invaders.

The Roman Empire

The Colosseum

The Punic War 2To make up for the loss of Sicily in the first Punic War Carthage expanded into southern Spain. The Romans weren't happy about this so the Romans helped Spain rebel. Of coarse this angered Carthage so to punish Rome they sent Hannibal it's greatest general.This started the Second Punic War. Hannibal's strategy was to take the fight to Italy. He gathered an army of about 46,000 men and 37 elephants.Even before reaching Italy,Hannibal's forces suffered severe losses crossing the steep, snowy alps into Italy. The brutal cold, gnawing hunger,and attacks by mountain tribes killed almost 1/2 his soldiers and most of the elephants. The remaining army was still a powerful fighting force. The Romans suffered a bad loss at the Battle of Cannae in southern Italy. Even though outnumbered, it overpowered the Romans and they began raiding much of Italy.The Romans raised another army an invaded Carthage forcing Hannibal to go home to defend Carthage. At the Battle of Zama, Scipio's troops defeated the Carthaginians. Carthage gave Spain to Rome, Gave up it's navy and had to pay a large fine.

Julius Caesar Becomes DictatorAfter Sulla left office, different Roman leaders battled for power, supported by their loyal 60 B.C. 3 men were on top: Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar. Drawing on their wealth and power, they formed the first Triumvirate, or politcal alliance of three people, to rule Rome. They split the military command and Caesar had control of Gaul, modern france. While in Gaul he fought foreign tribes and invaded Britain. He became popular and the people in Rome thought he might seize power like Sulla. late rCrassus died and Pompey returned to Italy to rule alone so the senate ordered Caesar to come home and give up his army. He could face prison or death at the hands of his rivals or march on Rome with his army and risk a civil war. Caesar decied to cross the Rubicon. Pompey tried to stop him but could not for Caesar was the better general.

The Good EmperorsThe Good Emperors are Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Anoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius. These 5 Emperors had lots of power and were not related to Augustus or Vespasian. They brought in an era of prospereity and didn't abuse their power. They supported charities and gave to the poor, also they made better easier to understand laws.


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