The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire

The Roman EmpireBy: Bobby Groth








The Roman Religion:The Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses. Most of the gods and goddesses were based on those of the Greeks. Most of the deities had different names than the Greek ones. For example, Jupiter was the Roman form of Zeus, Neptune was the Roman Poseidon, Pluto was the Roman Hades, and Juno was the Roman Hera.

The Roman Colosseum:Vespasian was emperor of Rome who started to build the Roman Colosseum. During his lifetime, he wanted to see the Colosseum completed. Sadly his dream did not come true. After he died, his son Titus completed it.

The Roman Government:Rome had a tripartite government. One group of people ran the government, another group made laws, and the third group acted as judges. At the top of the government were consuls who were chosen every year. The consuls kept each other in line because they could veto the other's decisions. Other important officials were called praetors. Their core task was to interpret the law and act as judges in court cases.



The Punic Wars

The Twelfth Legion EagleStandard a soldier held up during times of war

Aeneas:Aeneas and a band of followers are said to have sailed the Mediterranean Sea after the Greeks captured Troy. After many adventures, they landed at the mouth of the Tiber. Through warfare and the marriage to the local king's daughter, Aeneas united the Trojans and some of the Latins, the local people. Aeneas became the "father" of the Romans.






Octavian:Octaivian had inherited Caesar's wealth and two of Caesar's top generals, Antony and Lepidus. Octavian forced Lepidus to retire from politics. Antony and Octavian divided the Roman world beween themseves. Then, Octavian came into conflict with Antony. Antony had planned to declare himself the sole ruler of the republic. This enabled Octavian to declare war on Antony. Octavian crushed Antony's army and navy at the Battle of Actium. Antony and his new wife Cleopatra fled Egypt, and then later killed themselves. Octavian, at age 32, now stood alone at the top of the Roman World. Octavian later took the title of Augustus, "the revered or majestic one."


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