The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

By about 750 B.C.E, people begun to settle in the city of Roma along the Tiber River in present-day Italy.

For the next 200 years, Rome was a monarchy, ruled by kings. then, the people overthrew the last of the Roman kings and created a new goverment.

The new goverment was a republic. This form of goverment was influenced Greek ideas. In a republic the people and their reprensetatives hold the power

BY C.E. 64, Christians had brought their religion to Rome. Christians were persecuted by the goverment. But this changed when Constantine I became Emperor. He became a Christian. He gave power to the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church

Roman society borrowed religious ideas from the Greeks, too. The Romans worshiped many of the same gods. Romes's rich soil helped build an economy based on agricuture and trade. Roman merchants Traded for grain and other goods from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Eastern Empire was destroyed in 1453. One of the world's greatest and most advanced empires was gone.

In C.E. 395, the Roman Empire divided into two parts: the Western Empire, and Eastern Empire. European tribes began to attack, and in C.E. 476, the Western Empire was conquered.

Many of Rome's people lived in cities. In these cities, the Roman goverment built huge buildings and temples. Aqueducts carried fresh water to cities from distant lakes and rivers. They paved roads to make a safe route between cities.

Roman armies conquered enemies in Europe, Asia and North Africa. When the Romans added a new territory they built roads connecting it to Rome. This helped trade and made Reublic Stronger


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