The Roman Civilization

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The Roman Civilization

Ancient Rome is located in the country of Italy on the continent of Europe. It was on land near the Mediterranean seaThe city of Rome was near a river and built on many hills and it had rich soilThe location of Rome made it easy for travel and trade. The Tiber river is one of Italy’s longest rivers which is named after Tiberius Silvius, a king who drowned in the river.Ancient Rome was an italic civilization that began on the Italian Peninsula in the 8th century.


Ancient Rome time period started in 753 B.C to 27 and then 64 AD to 1453 ADIn 27 B.C Julius Caesar was awarded the honorific title of Augustus by decree of the senate(decree: an official order)’Cultures competed for territory and alliancesRome expanded extending to about 350 square milesRomans didn’t care for their monarch and got rid of themThe Italian Peninsula or Apennine Peninsula is the central and the smallest of the three large peninsulas of Southern Europe, spanning 1,000 km from the Po Valley in the north to the central Mediterranean Sea in the south

Many Roman buildings are being restore and repairedRoman literature influenced many writers like ShakespeareMany Roman buildings still stand today like the irrigationThe irrigation is the artificial application of water to land or soilRoman art has influenced many artistsThe Renaissance saw the rebirth of the classical arts

Important Person

Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman generalHis other occupations was statesman, Consul, and notable author of Latin prose He played a critical role in the events that led to the raise of Roman EmpireJulius took control of Rome but people got jealous and his close friend and a group of other people killed himHe was assassinated on March 15,44 BC and then his son Augustus took his farther position

The Roman Civilization




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