The Roman Catholic Church

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The Roman Catholic Church




The Roman Cathlic Church

Excommunicated people were people who did not follow church laws. This meant that the clergy did not want then anymore for these actions. Such an example could be king Henry IV, who was excommunicated by Gregory VII, but later let back in after apologizing for his actions.

Clergy are the members of the Roman Catholic Church. They consist of Monks, Nuns, Priests, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals, and the Pope. They control cathedrials and other religious things.

Religion is what civilizations believe in with the god(s) being their ruler. These religions or customs have rules that a follower must keep in order to keep praying to the religion Cristianity had only one god.


Taxes were a common thing that the Roman Catholic Church used to help build cathedrals and keep churches funded to survive. The RCC used this to also increase their political power and it worked slightly like a kingship.






Henry the king was the Holy Roman Emperor with a life span of 1050-1106 C.E. He stood as an important figure and was known to fight in the Saxon wars.

Cathedrals were a very important part of society and were also the biggest building in the city. They took decades to build and were a place to worship gods and bury the dead. They were a more complex and bigger version of a church.

Hope is a part of the main idea for the roman catholic church. People believed in gods for safety and protection from problems.

Under the rule of the clergy, people had a chance to clear their sins, bapthise their young, or pray to their gods. These things usually happened at churches or cathdrals.

High Church Officials were the people who advised the kings and the lords. They limited fuedal warfare among others and consisted of classes above bishop.


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