The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones

Origin:London, United Kingdom




Genre: Rock

Years Active: 1962-Present

*Founded in 1962*Lead singer Mick Jagger-born July 26, 1943*Guitarist Bill Wyman-born December 18, 1943*Bassist Charlie Woods-bornOctober 24, 1941*Guitarist Brian Jones-born June 1, 1947*29 studio albums*13 live albums*57 music videos*Sticky Fingers cover-designed by Andy Warhol*First gig featured Mike Avory-went on to drum for The Kinks *Biggest Hit-You can't always ger what you want*Over 1.5 million people attended concert at beach in 2006*Jagger and Keith known as "The Glimmer Boys"*Bill Wyman's last tour-Urban Jungle Tour*Bobby Keys (keyboardest)-mosty known for his solo work on song called Brown Sugar*Rumor-The band is friends with the Beattles


Gimme Shelter - Let it Bleed Angie - Goats Head SoupWild Horses - Sticky FingersSatisfaction - Out of Our HeadsMiss You- Some GirlsPaint it Black - Aftermath

My Favorite Songs

Fun Facts

*A main guitarist drowned in a pool*Bill Wyman took up the hobby of metal detecting*Bobby Keys palyed on every album from their glory days (1969-1974)*Jagger never felt comfortable dinging country*Band members refused to wear matching clothes like the Beattles*Bill Wyman owns a restaurant in Londow names after one of their songs (Sticky Fingers)*In 1963, the tour van flipped over (no one was hurt)*Highest earning rock band ($750 million)*Tongue logo was inspired by Indian Hindu goddess Kali The Destroyer

The Rolling Stones have had many accomplishments such as winning the Grammy Awards 11 times from 1982 to 2014. they have also won many other famous awards such as the Juno Awards in 1991, The World Music Awards in 2005, and in 1989 they were sent to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. there are many more awards I could list, but that was their biggest accomplishment.


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