The Role of Women in the American Revolution

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The Role of Women in the American Revolution

Deborah Sampson was an american woman who didn't like the idea of being an average homemaker. She was one of the woman who impersonated a man and enlisted to fight in the American Revolution. Deborah first enlisted in 1782 as Robert Shurtleff. She was named an aide-de-camp to General John Patterson at west point. (A military officer acting as a confidential assitant to a senior officer.) Later she was stricken with an illness and while treating her a doctor discovered she was a woman. She was then honorably discharged from the army.

The Role of Women in the American Revolution

By Delaney Beaudoin

Famous women in the American Revolution

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauly (AKA Molly Pitcher) Was a women who followed her husband to battles and aided the soldiers in getting water for the cannons. When her husband collapsed at one battle she took his place and fought heroically.

Roles Played By Women in the American Revolution

Some Women Followed armies to cook and clean, they served as nurses, cooks, maids, secret soldiers, spies, laundresses, water bearers, and seamstresses.

Reasons They Got Involved:Many women got involved for various reasons some were camp followers, wives, daughters, or mothers of men fighting. Other couldnt protect themselves or provide with the men gone so they followed looking for things to eat in exchange for work.

Many women were used as spies in the revolution even though some people did not think them able to do it.


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