The Rock Cycle

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The Rock Cycle



The first rocks on earth were igneouse rocks, Igneouse rocks are formed by cooling and hardening.The word igneous comes from the Latin word ignis, meaning fire.Volcanic rocks are additionally critical in light of the fact that their mineral and compound cosmetics can be utilized to find out about the organization, temperature and weight that exists inside of the Earth. The texture of the rock is determined by the rate of cooling.


A Metamorphic rock is the transformation of a pre-existing rock.The term "metamorphic" means "to change form."Changeable rocks are made by either warming up or squashing the world's outside layer. They are regularly found in rugged districts. Changeable rocks frame profound inside of the Earth when warm and weight are connected to either molten rocks or sedimentary rocks. This warmth and weight generally cooks the stones, changing their structure considerably.


A sedimentary rock is part of the three main rock groups. Sedimentary rocks make up about three quarters of the rocks on Earth. Sedimentary rocks structure in environments such as beaches, rivers, the ocean, and anywhere that sand, mud, and other types of sediment collect. Four basic procedures are involved in the formation of a sedimentary rock: weathering caused mainly by friction of waves, transportation where the sediment is carried along by a current, deposition and compaction where the sediment is squashed together to form a rock of this kind. An example of a non-clastic texture would be crystalline material.

What is Magma?Magma is formed from the melting of rocks in the earth's lithosphere. It is a very hot liquid defined as molten rock found below earths surface.


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