The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Growth of Media +New women in Society

Women started taking mens roles in society, to support their family. This was considered 'Unladylike'

Women back then were known as the cooks, and cleaners, and caretakers. They were supossed to stay home with the kids while, the father went out and worked all day.

Other women, mostly single women, evolved into the flapper: short clothing, bobbed hair, skinny, tall, and wore excessive makeup. These women drank and smoked, and had a very dramatic, inappropriate mood.

Many social changes in the 20's included the radio, and movies. The radio was invented in 1912 to communicate with the Naval mostly, (because of the Titanic). It became fully open to the public on October 27, 1920.

By the mid-20's the movie growth was blossoming. From the silent films to first-speaking movies, this created a high popular demand by the end of the decade. Famous studios such as 'Warner brothers', and 'Metro Goldwyn Mayor' increased in popular demand. These studios created movies and cartoons such as 'Gone with the wind' and ' Bugs Bunny'.


The Radio


New WomenIn society

Work- changing role for women

By: Zoe Gonez

The era of the radio industry affected sports by advertising it on the air. The first game first aired was between the Pittsburg Pirates and the Philadelphia philies, this was one of the most historic events in our time. The realization of being able to hear the game without being their boomed in our social lives.


The obsession withs fads in the 20's consisted of many different things. 1. Pez: a small candy. 2. Bright red lipstick: which is still a trend today. 3. (My personal favorite) Swallowing Goldfish: usually done by College student (go figure) to impress people around them.


One famous sports hero: Babe Ruth

The Uptown Theatre


Women working in a factory


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