The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties

Harlem Renaissance

The Roaring Twenties

One of the main impacts the automobile had on the roaring twenties was the new founding cost. This allowed people to buy these cars and allowed for Americans to go places they never been before. These cars gave people a sense of freedom and independence.

The problem of funding for these roads and maintain them was solved by the tax on gas. By the end of 1929 every state had introduced a gas tax. It was verifying from two to five cents per gallon that was raising millions of dollars per year.

Because of the massive amount of cars that were now on the road, new roads were going to have to be made. They also had to introduce the idea of road rules, standardized road signs, and traffic lights. Road clearances were made higher due to the condition of the roads and tracks.

Women before the 1920’s were expected have simple roles. They were supposed to stay home with their children and not go to work. They were supposed to care for the household, cook for the family, clean and wash clothes. Also, they didn’t have a voice in any of the important decisions.


Prohibition & Organized Crime

Age of Heroes

Lindbergh stands as the symbol of the 1920’s. He is considered one of the many heroes of the roaring twenties. He gained the attention of the nation due to his courageous flight. His accomplishments reflect the boost in science, technology, and the economy.



The radio helped to unify the United States because 30 million people nationwide were tuned in listening to radio stations. Almost every could afford a “wireless” so most families were listening to the same things. Therefore, the nation was able to communicate and bond over the same things because of the radio.

The concept of buying on credit all started with this idea of “buy now, and pay later.” Many new things became necessities, such as the automobile, radios and phonographs. Almost all of America began using the credit to buy things that they did not have the cash to buy, and they began to create an economic boom. The more people used credit to pay for things the more companies were producing the products.

The movie theaters were called “dream palaces” because of their unique structures, and their impressive size. The exquisite interiors had seated around 3 thousand people. I think these theaters could be called “dream palaces” because they look like huge castle like structures and could be viewed as the dream for many people to obtain.

Motion Pictures


Women in the 1920's

Americans were going to drink alcohol no matter if the law prohibited it or not. They were going to find ways to have these beverages and not get caught. Because of this law many people began making homemade alcohol called “bathtub gin,” and they went to “speakeasies” which were hidden bars. Chicago’s speakeasies accounted for 100 million dollars.

The meaning of renaissance relates to the African Americans because during the 1920’s they had started to do things they once didn’t before. They began to express their feelings through writing, music and art. Jazz was made famous by the African Americans, Duke Ellington led a small jazz band at “the Cotton Club.” The 1920’s was the rebirth and the revival of the African American community.

Fads and Folly

By: Kyle Gregory

America now has some different fads and follies. They are:- Now in society many people are participating in sports. They idol the professional athletes of the world and try to be like them. In sports such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and many more.

- Another thing many Americans do is listen to music. Almost every person in America has a device where they can listen to music. With many genre choices, everyone has their preferred type.-Lastly, many Americans bond over movies. Unlike the 1920’s almost every movie now is in color and feature massive amounts of dialogue, music, and sound effects. Every week an assortment of movies come out that Americans rush to theaters to watch with friends and families.


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