The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties

1.Dogs-shoes2.Horse Feathers-nonsense3.Spiffy- Fashionable4.Swell- marvellous5.Berries- The best6. Speakeasy- illegal drinking spot

The 1920s was nicknamed "the roraing twenties" because, it was a time were the econmony was thriving. People were spending more money because, new inventions were made like cars and radios, and people where also able to afford expensive things because, they had credit. Everone had fun with the new styles of dancing, dressing. Plus the new entertanment like going to the cinema. Everything changed in a positive manner in the 1920s.

The radio was one of the best inventions in the 1920s, It would broadcast news,weather, soap operas, comedy,music, sport coverage and more. It was invented by a Italian scientist named Guglielmo Marconi.The first radio worked by a moving wire called a "whisker" that would run across the surface of a crystal. The radio required headphones, since it wasn't loud enough for everyone to hear at once.Broadcasts were made live from the station, and where never rehearsed. The most popular radio program was hockey,it was Canada's national sport and it eveyone's favourite at the time. The radio was the greatest communication devises invented.

Fads in the 1920sA fad is a culture or fashion trend, that was very popular in the 1920s. It was a way for some people to forget about the war, and move on with their life. Fads didn't last for a very long time becasuse, there where always new trends coming out.People enjoyed the new activites including sports, games, movies,dances and fashion. Fads would get influenced from other countries like America, and in 1930 they started to influence from forieng countries like china.The very first fad was an ancient chines game called Mahjong, consisting of dice and dominose. It became popular very quickly, and old quickly. The next fad was crossword puzzles, and from there it from contests to fashion.

Sports in the 1920sSports in Canada made a major difference in our nation, when ww1 ended. The popular sports played in the 1920s in Canada where, hockey, basketball and baseball. Hockey was,and still is Canada's national game.The game became rapidly popular, so in 1920 NHL (national hockey league) was created for athletes. It was a success for Canada because, everyone loves hockey and the NHL continued to grow.

Lionel Conacher was one of Canada's athletes.He played anumber of sports including, football,hockey,baseball and lacrosse.His man sport he played was football in 1921,and was apart of The Arqonauts winning the grey cup.

1920s was the time era where men and womens fashion changed dramatically.Mens fahion was more of a casual occasional style. They often wore suits and ties, and top it off with a hatof there choice, from flattops to skimmers. No man would the the house without a hat, it just made them classy. Men only wore the colour black, and had the same style fot their formal attire.

Women's fashions became more feminest. The most popular style women wore in the 1920s where flapper dresses. They where straight, loose and knee cut, so they showed more skin. Women also started to wear more bright, vibrant coloured clothes. For make up, women would line there eyes with dark kohl, and make there lips bright colours. They wouls wear heels that where about 2-3 inches tall.The most popular hairstyle in th 1920s for women, was the short cut called "the bob". They often would use there finger to finger wave their hair to create curves.



Automoblies were first introduced in the twentieth century. The most popular car caompanies in Canada were General motors, Chrysler and Ford. By 1929 there were over 1 milion cars in Canada.

Ford Model T

Chrysler CG

Chevrolet half-ton


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