The Roaring Twenties Music

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The Roaring Twenties Music

George Gershwin was an American composer and pianist. His first published composition "Rhapsody in Blue" in 1924. Jazz was his favorite music to write.Some of his most famous work is:-"Lullaby"-"Blue Monday"-"Short Story"-"Dream Sequence"-"Second Rhapsody"

Duke Ellington was an American composer, Jazz pianist, and band leader. He was very famous for his Jazz.Famous compositions:-"It Don't Mean A Thing" -"Chloe"-"Misty"-"Satin Doll""Flying Home"

Lionel Hampton was an American jazz vibraphonist, pianist, percussionist, and bandleader. He was one of the very first vibraphonist that played Jazz music. His famous work includes:-"My Funny Valentine"-"Stardust"-"Flying Home"-"It Don't Mean A Thing"-"Taste of Honey"

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong was an American Jazz trumpeter and singer. He was very famous for his Jazz work. He was considered the creator of Jazz.His most famous work is:-"Hello Dolly!"-"Summertime"-"It Don't Mean a Thing"-"Blueberry Hill"-"How High the Moon"

Dizzy Gillespie was an American Jazz trumpeter, singer, and composer. He had huge contributions to Jazz.His most famous work is: -"Blue Moon"-"Salt Peanuts"-"Early Morning Blues"-"Whisper Not"-"Bebop"

Jelly Roll Morton was an American composer, ragtime and jazz pianist, and bandleader. He grew up in New Orleans, where he started his music career, then moved out to New York to persue it.His most famous work includes:-"The Crisis"-"The Crave"-"Finger Buster"-"Tiger Rag"-"Sidewalk Blues"

Music had a great effect on "The Roaring Twenties" because it brought personality and fun to the people. It created different styles of dance, like swing. It also changed fashion. Women dressed as "flappers" when they went out to Nightclubs to listen to the music by these talented composers. Music changed the twenties because it was the root of the way people lived. Simple things were based on music, and everyone loved it. It was the start of a whole new era.



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