The Roaring 20s

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American History

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The Roaring 20s

AUTOMOBILES In the 1920s, automobiles were becoming very popular thanks to Henry Ford.The Model T was the car produced at the time and was mad so it was affordable for any American. The automobile changed many things in America. One was the roads that were paved and still used which created many job. This meant that Americans could go to places that they were unable to before. Also, with Henry Ford's creation of the assembly line, the work hours and work days in America.

PROHIBITIONProhibition was the 18th amendment in the United states and was unliked by many. This amendment made consumption, production, and distribution of alcohol illegal in America. This gave birth to speakeasies that sold alcohol and ran by mob bosses. The 18th amendment also gave birth to organized crimes suh as Al Capone.

CREDIT During the Roaring Twenties, credit was new to America. Credit got people to "buy now and pay later". This made the United States in debt because of all the credit that was being used. About 15% of Americans were buying on credit at the time.

The Roaring 20s

WOMENIn the twenties, woman started to changed dramtically, becoming flappers with a new way of living. Pre-1920s, women did many things differnt such as: be house wives, had long hair, alwyas had long dresses to not show skin, didn't drink or smoke, and also didnt wear makup.

HARLEM RENISSANCEThe Harlem Renissance was the movement of African American moving from the south to nourthern cities. This movement brought many things of black culture to the cities. One of these things were Jazz which became very popular and made Luis Armstron famous, becoming a hero in the eyes of many.

FADS AND FOLLYIn the twenties, there were many popular thing that people did for fun. These things included things such as: kissing contest, marathon dancing, goldfish swallowing, and flagpole sitting. In todays society, many of those things are not considered to be in style. Today, peopel ahve fads such as saying things like YOLO and swag. Also using social media such as Facebook and Instagram is a fad of todays time.


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