The Roaring 20's

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The Roaring 20's

The Fitzgeralds, Scott F. Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre. They met in Montgomery, Alabama when Scott was there due to him joining the army in 1917. They fell madly in love, but when Scott proposed to Zelda she called off the engagement because she wanted him to find success without her first. A week after Scott's first publication, she married him. They had a child together name "Scottie". Later on in their life things started to fall aprt for the both of them. Scott was an alcholic and suffered from depression. Zelda wanted to be a ballerina and three years after intensive training she suffered from a mental breakdown due to "nervous exhaustion". Although they had a tough run at the end of their lives, in the beggining they were quite famous and Zelda was an independent woman. As their lives went on they faces many troubles and in the end fell apart.

Music, Art, ' Dance

Babe Ruth was the biggest sports celebrity of the 1920s. His presence revolutionized the game. The league itself changed the baseballs they used from being wound in the center, to using cork. This made the focus of the game shift completely toward the hitting aspect, which made baseball more entertaining.

The Harlem Renaissance and its creations brought not only a new look on and steady appreciation for African culture, but it also gave African Americans a new sense of pride in their race. Jazz music - hence the "Jazz Age" - was extremely popular in the 1920's. It was created by African Americans in New Orleans and was a fusion of African and European music.Dances such as the Charleston accompanied jazz music and were also created by African Americans. This dance, along with jazz music, became enjoyed by many people in the 1920's regardless of race or class, but oftentimes white youths would perform these dances as an act of rebellion towards elders who did not appreciate it as much. Other popular dances of the time included the Lindy-Hop, Fox-Trot, and the Jitterbug. Art Deco, which featured geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and oversized lettering, was a popular art style at the time. Not only was it featured in paintings, but it was also found in architecture, advertising, fashion, and more.

Womens' Fashion

Womens' fashion of the 1920s reflected social issues going on in America. Women in the United States were becoming more indpendent and wanted to be considered equal to men. Women began to take on a more boyish figure and cut their long victorian locks to a short bob. Along with this change in hair came a change in clothes. The hem lines of womens' dresses began to rise above the knee. Women took on the same habits of men too and began to drink and smoke. These women are known as flappers. A popular dress during the 1920s was introduced by Coco Chanel. It was called the shift dress. The important thing about this dress was that women were able to move freely in it. Along with a change in clothes came a change in makeup. It was popular to have startling eyes, scarlet lips, and a pale complexion.

The Roaring 20s

The Fitzgeralds

Babe Ruth



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