The Roaring 20s

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The Roaring 20s

Al PetroccoBlock 1

F. Scott Fitzgerald to Francis Scott Key-(1896-1940)-Attended Princeton-Enlisted in WW1-Married to Zelda Sayre when she was 18-After the Great Gatsby, his life began to fall apart. In 1937, he attempted to revive his career to no avial. And in 1940, he died of a heart attack before completing "The Love Of The Last Tycoon."

Music:Jazz, Boogie-Woogie, Chicago Jazz, Urban Blues, Society Dance BandsDances:The Charleston, The Shimmy, The Black BottomClothing:Shorter dresses and hair for women, men wore knickers and sweatersProhibition: With alchohol being illegal, it only made people want to drink, so illegal whiskey became increasingly popular. Also, underground bars, or "Speakeasies" kept people coming in to get the booze everyone wanted back.General: With the States untouched by the war, they had an economic boom. People had money to blow on luxuries they didnt get before. Now everyone had their own shot at their take on The American Dream.


Gatsby:All of the characters in the Great Gatsby are striving to achieve their own meaning to the American Dream. Gatsby and his relentless pursuit of Daisy, Nick trying to have a successful life, and Tom trying to relive his past glories.


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