The Roaring 20s

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Social Studies
American History

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The Roaring 20s

The 1920s was packed of new sytles and inventions. Creditcards were becoming popular and used often. People like the credit card because they could "buy now, and pay later." The American people loved to but luxury items such asautomobiles, radios, and photographs with credit cards. Flappers were also a new trend in the 1920s. Flappers were the new wave of women. These women wore their hair short, used make up (most commonly lipstick), and drank and smoked in public places. They were thought of as reckless. Finally you have motion pictures. Motion pictures were movies that had no sound and were black and white. Movies were made to entertain a large group of audience and to show emotion in humans. The 1920s was truely a big turning point in the way American citizens lived.

The automobile was one of the most important inventions ever created. The automobile allowed people to travel to places faster and easier. Created by Henry Ford, the model T was of the first automobiles created. The automobile caught on as millions of Americans bought them and used them regularly. The automobile gave people freedom and brought them to places they have never gone. The autmobile was truely a remarkable invention that has changed man kind greatly.

The radio was another important piece in American history. The radio allowed people to listen events going on around the United states. The American people could tune into speeches, sports games, and even news stations. Also known as "wireless" many famalies could afford it. One of the best parts of the radio was that it could be used in the comfort and privacy of your house.


Significant Events

The Roaring 20s


On January 16,1920 the 18th amendemnt was in full effect. The 18thamendemnt outlawed alcohol beverages in the united states. These actions were taken in hopes of reduced crime and fixing ills in society. People managed to work their ways around the rules with rm runners, bootleggers, and secret clubs that serve alchohol known as speakeasies. Nothing could stop the American people from getting their hands on alchoholic beverages.



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