The Roaring 20's

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by simonekopman
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American History

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The Roaring 20's

Mackenzie King became Prime Minister in 1921 and became the longest serving Prime Minister in Canadadian history

The Role of Women

- Spending frenzy- Leisure- Rebellion- Improved economy by mid 20's- Era of consumerism

- High hopes of change after WWI ended- Encouragment of women to give jobs back to men- Popular jobs included nurses, teachers, and secreteries

New Technology

Cars, fridges, lights, stoves, snowmobile, and airmail service


- All provinces banned the sale of alcohol- Alcohol was thought by some to be a medicine and could still be purchased for "medicinal uses"- Smuggled booze into the states from Canada for money

The Roaring 20's By Simone Kopman

Mackenzie King

1920's - A New Prosperity:

To Live In The Roaring 20's...


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