The Roaring 20s

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The Roaring 20s

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The Roaring 20s


The prohibition was a ban on alcohol in the 1920s.The 18th Amendment was ratified in 1919. It had banned the manufacture and sale of alcohol. On January 16,1920, the Volstead Act closed all places where alcohol could be found. Speakeasies were created. Speakeasies were places where illegal alcohol could be sold, but they were hidden and you needed a password to enter. Many people made alcohol, like moonshine and bootleggers. Organized crime went up, and Al Capone rose as well. He is the most famous Mobster of those times.

As you can see, movies are very popular today and are watched often by millions of americans and citizens. Well, back in the 1920s, movies were popular as well. "Historians estimate that, by the end of the decades, three-quarters of the American population visited a movie theater every week." ( Movies were popular because they were a major source of entertainment and many movies were hilarious. Many people went there to get away from the stress of everyday life.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and movies all were important in making sports popular. Media publicity guaranteed that many people came to many people came to see the sport games. Thus making it possible for new stadiums to be constructed. The most popular baseball player of the 1920s was Babe Ruth. He had a powerful hit and would very often make home-runs. Red Grange was a famous football player.


and credit

Credit allowed consumers to insanely boost corporate profits.Fatter paychecks, and credit made it possible for consumers to spend lots of money. "..Easy credit and speculation created stock market and property bubbles that had devastating effects when they eventually ended" ( When the stock market crashed and everything began to rapidly decline everyone went to pull out their money out of banks and stocks. Especially the rich that owned 60% of the nations wealth.

The Harlem Renaissance happened when the Great Migration of African Americans from the South migrated to the North and the booming of black culture like jazz and blues music This made many white people uncomfortable.So many caucasian citizens joined the KKK.

Harlem Renaissance

Fads and Follys

Flappers. They were young woman with short skirts, lipstick, and bobbed hair who did many "not so ladylike" actions. However, many women considered flappers didn't do flapper things, like smoking drinking, wearing short skirts, lipstick and such. The 19th Amendment had gave the women the right to vote in 1920. Also, the availability of birth-control helped women have less children.

Women in the 20s

The very first radio station in the U.S. was in Pittsburgh’s KDKA. By the late 1920s, more than 12 million houses had a radio. Radios helped sports become more poplular, as well as music and jazz. The majority and amerians would listen to baseball games through their radio.


My name is Henry Ford. I am the founder of the assembly line method. Because of me, most of the U.S was able to have cars. I invented the Model-T and sold them at an affordable price, even for lower-classmen. I paid my workers good salaries and also made the 8 hour/5 day work week. My workers had weekends off and wherever they pleased with the Model-T. I also formed cheap grocery markets for poorer people. America on wheels!


Dance marathons were one of the most popular fads, attended by many people to prove thier agility. Various marathons lasted countless hours. "In a typical dance marathon, contestants would dance for forty-five minutes and rest for fifteen" ( The Dance The Charleston was very popular. Flagpole sitting was one of the most insane fads. In Flagpole sitting, you had to be the person who sat the longest on top of a flagpole.


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