The roaring 20's: The worst of times

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The roaring 20's: The worst of times

Prohibition•Began on January 16, 1920 with the ratification of the 18th Amendment•Federal Prohibition agents were given tasks to enforce this law •Speakeasies (hidden bars) made alcohol widely available •Large quantaties of alcohol were smuggled through Canada •People made bathtub gin and moonshine, they were often spiked with chemicals that made it lead to the rise of alcohol poisoning •Many politicans addmitted to having alcohol during prohibition •Al Capone was one of the most infamous bootleggers •In 1933 the legislature ratified the 21st amendment which repealed the 18th amendment and made alcohol legal again

KKKThe Ku Klux Klan redbirth was due to the massive rise in immigration, the movement of African Americans from the south to cities, race riots, strikes and the Red Scare and a series of terrorist attacks in America. The Ku Klux Klan targeted many different groups of people. The different groups consisted of New Immmigrants, African Americans, Mexicans, Jews, Catholics, Asians, and many other groups that didnt have the same beliefs as the KKK. The leader was William J. Simpsons a Methodist preacher from Atlanta, Georgia. The Protetsant Religion was the main idea of religion for the second KKK.

Immigration Act•The Immigration Act limited the number of immigrants allowed to enter the US with a quota system •It provided visas to two percent of people of each different nationality, with a total of 350,000 visas each year •This act completely excluded immigrants from Asia, leading to the Japanese government protesting but nothing changed •President Wilson opposed this, he preferred a more liberal act and vetoed it •In 1921 the new president, Warren Harding called Congress back to pass the law, which renewed it for another two years •The new renewal of this bill led to an increase in the number of visas for immigrants from the British Isles and Western Europe •It also included a provision that excluded entry of any alien by race or nationality that was ineligible from leadership•This act was revised in 1952

Bathtub Gin•Quality of alcohol was poor , causing many people to become sick•Deaths from alcohol poisoning rose 400% • Made with cheap grain liquor and flavoring •Bootleggers would actually steep this alcohol in their bathtubs for hours or even days •Since prohibition outlawed distilled alcohol many used denatured alcohol which may or may not have been thoroughly processed •Many party-goers died after drinking contaminated liquor •The people who made this knew how undrinkable it was so they were encouraged people to come up with their own recipes •The alcohol would sometimes be bought from bootleggers or actual medical suppliers •The process of chagning wood alochol to drinkable alcohol did not always work so some batches were poisonous•The consumption of wood alchol sometimes led to blindness or even death •The liquor would be packaged then sold to individuals or speakeasies •When the 21st amendment passed the days of bathtub gin came to a close

Organized Crime•Organizations kept there operations secret, only conferrring by word of mouth •They became systematic•The act of engaging in criminal activity as a structured group is sometimes referred to as racketeering •Gangs would recruit people in judiciary, police force, legislatue, through bribery and blackmail •This causes a corrupt society filled with unlawful officers and politicians •Revenue came from drug trafficking, extortion, and gambling •The Prohibition Era led to a lot of crime • The biggest mobster was Al Capone in Chicago •One of the main causes of criminal activity was the depression and prohibition •Jobs were scarce and people were scarred. Gangsterism was an easy way to make money •The gangs that supplied alcohol were ruthless •They created a whole black market for the distribution of alcohol •If prohibition never started criminals may not have become so wealthy

The Roaring 20's: The Worst of Times

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