The Roaring 20's

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Social Studies
American History

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The Roaring 20's

Talkieswere the first movies, made in 1927

The roaring 20's

The 1920s were not so great for veterans, farmers and workers.

The average child had around 5 rotten teeth

Availabilty ofStovesRefridgeratorsLights

Radios = status symbol

same price

Foxtrot and Charleston

Men of the 20'sFrederik Bantingdiscovered insulin in 1920 to treat DiabeticsMackenzie Kingbecame Prime Minister in 1921 and was the longest serving Prime MinisterArmand Bombardierinvented the snow mobile in 1922Charles Lindberghfirst person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927Lionel Conacheris Canada's greatest athlete of the first half century

found in 75% of Canadian homes

Women in the 20'sFlappers: Women with short hair, short, baggy dresses and make-upBathing suits exposed kneesBathing suit contests took placeWomen were allowed to vote

Canada Post offered air mail service. The Royal Canadian Airforce was created

Baseball and Hockey were very popular

Prohibition = banningof alcohol



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